Interior Design Homework: Uncovering 2015’s Hottest Trends!

The most important ingredient to being a successful designer is our ability to stay relevant in our society, with our technology and our product knowledge. Every year advances in technology, product design and material development allow us to create even what was once thought impossible. So where do interior designers go to learn about all the hot new products and trends for the new year? Las Vegas!

The World Market Center in Las Vegas hosts one of the largest international furniture markets in the world where industry professionals, vendors and manufactures gather to present all of their latest advances in product design. The complex is made up of 3 buildings that host a total of 5,000,000 square feet of showroom space, and if that is not enough to do our homework, I don’t know what is! It takes 4 full days to walk and absorb everything that market has to offer. The complex, the extravagant displays and industry partners take this experience to a whole new level, at least for me, it was Disneyland!

Entering every showroom is like walking into a new world, the style and look of furniture and accessories is all unique in its own way, but there are recurring themes that begin to take shape. This year three particular themes seemed to stand out the most: Sea life accents, nature inspired furniture, and gold!

Sea life inspiration: Sea shells, star fish, water and sand take on a whole new meaning in 2015, and no, we are not talking about that coral and sea foam sofa you bought in the 90s. Vendors are taking sea life inspiration and translating these motifs into beautiful artwork, accents and patterns and matching them with subtle tones of blues, whites and linen. Because underwater life can be so colorful, neutralizing these motifs is a contemporary and minimal way to bring the beauty of natural, organic form into a space without overwhelming the eye and forcing an “under-the-sea” theme. The result? A space so beautiful and organic that feels like a spa in the Caribbean, inspiring a deep breath of relaxation.

Nature inspired furniture: Nothing thrills me more than the idea of reducing our carbon footprint, and to see a growing trend of designers using sustainable materials to design furniture is not only exciting, they are creating one-of-a-kind pieces! Traveling the world outsourcing renewable, sustainable materials and design inspiration is part of the great length designers are going to create highly unique pieces that people love. The variation in tones, grains and textures of each piece truly make every piece a kind of its own.

Gold: If you love sophisticated, high end design, than you are in for a treat! Gold is coming back in a big way in furniture design and it has never looked as beautiful and glamorous as it does today. Gold has met the simplicity and clean lines of contemporary furniture design creating spaces that are so tasteful and elegant, made for the modern tea party. By turning away from overstimulating shiny, gold motifs of the 80s and 90s, and pushing gold finishes on furniture trims and accents, we are able to reintroduce gold in way that highlights the beauty of our space rather than overwhelming it. The best way that I saw gold being introduced in a space, is with a blend of natural linens, and whites or as an accent to bold colors like hot pink, reds, and blues.

Like fashion, trends for our home are constantly changing and evolving. There is no right or wrong way to style our home, at least I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but taking away our favorite elements from these trends can help us create something unique and personal that fits our home.

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