Pack up the year and say hello to 2015! Ready your home for brand new memories.

There is nothing more rejuvenating, refreshing and uplifting than the promise of a new year, and our homes should embrace the spirit of new goals and resolutions. Saying goodbye to the drama of a good year can be emotionally daunting for many of us, but we often let this emotion overshadow the joy, excitement and adventure that can come with a new year. Weather you aspire new career opportunities, family time or a simple change of view your home should be the first place to start reflecting those changes. This new year challenge yourself and your family to an ultimate cleaning party, not buying it? Here are some tips on how to make this quick, easy and fun!

Declutter! Let go of the weight… Start light, fresh and welcome some mystery!

Seriously, it’s time to let go of our collection of old hair styling tools, beauty products, boxes, papers, old toys, and everything that seems to have established its own nook in your home, take it back, the space belongs to you. Tackle this challenge head on:

  1. Take one room at a time! – This is not just about getting rid of our things, it is about making our life easier. Ask yourself these types of questions: Do I need more space to get ready in the morning? Can I clear my closet and drawers? What can I do without? Work in one room each day of the week or assign helpers to various areas or specific tasks.
  2. Categorize your belongings! – Trash, Donate, Keep. Although every memory is priceless, consider donating items that you no longer use to our local charities, including food, clothing, shoes, furniture, medicine, blankets, etc. This is a great way to make space and guarantee your items will serve a good cause. Don’t be afraid to let go, digitize your memories, and remember it can bring joy to someone less fortunate.
  3. Have a yard sale! – If you have a things of value around your house taking up space, consider having a yard sale. Ask family members and your neighbors if they have things they would like to sell, make colorful signs leading to your home, and if there are children, and allow them to participate in each transaction.

Once you made room in your home, visualize the way you would want your home to feel, the activities you want to be able to do, and think about what you can change to achieve those things. Maybe it’s time to repaint your bedroom, change the accent pillows on your sofa, maybe you’re tired of the same décor. Use your home to support all the new and good things you want for yourself and family in the New Year.

  1. Away with distractions! Breaking in a new routine is difficult, and living in the same environment makes you vulnerable to go back to your old ways. For someone looking to be heathier, it makes sense to remove the junk food, the television, and accommodate a large open space for exercise and meditation.
  2. Visual Cues! Visualization is said to be a powerful tool in achieving your goals. Not only can you transport yourself to a desired circumstance, you can begin to feel the optimism as well. For everyone looking to start or finish school or desires a career change, hang the frame where your future degree will hang, create a read/study area, add encouraging reading material to your coffee table or nightstand.
  3. Welcome the mystery! Leave room on the shelf for new knick-knacks, replace old family pictures with recent ones, be open to change and surround yourself with things you love. 2015 is filled with opportunity for everyone, embrace the year and allow all the positive energy to fill your home.

Everyone needs a change from time to time, it’s how we grow and challenge ourselves to go beyond our limits. Commit yourself to achieving every single one of your resolutions and goals, and remember that “The home should be the treasure chest of living.” – Le Corbusier Happy New Year Everyone!

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