A Holiday DIY ..with kids!

No one can cherish the magic of the winter holidays like children, so during this time of family, joy and sharing, lets embrace the magic in every child by filling our homes with the spirit of Christmas. Although holiday shopping is now as easy as a mouse-click away, nothing replaces the creativity, uniqueness and love of a home made craft made by your family and friends. This holiday I bring you a few ideas of holiday crafts that you can do with children that are sure to make great gifts, ornaments, treats and guarantee quality bonding time with the little ones. While there are infinite possibilities of what we can create out of simple things around your house, I hope these inspire you to create your own holiday crafts, the total cost to do all these three crafts was under $15, remember its about being creative and being resourceful!
Project Inspiration:
Holiday Wreath: Twigs, Acorns, Bows, Ribbons, Wooden Dowels, Small toys, Crayons, Flowers, Garland, Etc.
Craft Tip: Round frame can be purchased or made from wire hanger. Use glue or hot glue, craft wire, pliers.
Design Tip: Be creative and think beyond a wreath for your front door, these can be on your children’s bedroom doors, over their beds, in the refrigerator or the bathroom. Let children have fun and interpret their idea of joy this holiday season. I used colorful craft sticks I had at home and had a special assistant pick out the colors while I handled the glue.
Holiday Branch Center Pieces: Medium-Large Branches, Vase, Hanging Ornaments, Color Spray or Texture, Ribbon, Etc.
Craft Tip: Weight down your vase according to the size of your ornament, do not risk it tipping over.
Design Tip: While natural branches are the highlight of this craft, remember that coloring them and adding some sparkle and a few fun ornaments can transform them into personal Christmas trees for kids. I used this as an accent piece to my gingerbread home, I had access to branches, a small vase, a few spheres and gingle bells.
Gingerbread House: Graham Crackers, Frosting, Frosting Pipe, Various Candy.
Craft Tip: 1 box of crackers makes 1 home. Walls stick together better when frosting is cool to the touch. Cut crackers slowly in long strokes to avoid crumbling.
Design Tip: Have children start sorting out candy and creating patterns while you work on frosting the structure together. Refrigerate for at least 10 minutes to have a stronger surface for children. Design, candy, colors and textures, the sky is the limit with the amount of creativity you can have without having to spend more than $10. My special assistant and I created this candy filled home and it approves 4-year old taste buds!
Christmas Countdown: Rope, Socks (Small-Medium), Foam Numbers, Gifts ($2 Value or Less), Clip Hangers
Craft Tip: Small socks work the best with large plastic clip hangers.
Design Tip: We received this gift from Gramma Diane the 1st of December and we love it. It is 25 socks hanged on a rope, numbered from 25 to 1, representing the days til Christmas, and each day we get to take down a sock, and in each sock there is a little present, so everyday we are excited to countdown til Christmas day. This is a great idea to get the kids excited for Christmas and it is a reward every time, they will surely enjoy it!
These are only a few of the things you can do at home with your special helpers, you can also try making your own Christmas spheres, decorating your own Christmas mug, and paper crafts never fail with kids, joy is as easy as a Christmas card or a snowflake. This winter break lets maintain our children engaged and learning while having fun and keeping the magic of Christmas alive in our home.

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