Home Staging: A quicker way to close the deal!

 Selling your home can come with a lot of unexpected pitfalls; it can be surprisingly time-consuming and emotionally taxing even if you prepare mentally and financially for the task. If a buyer is not found in time, you could potentially end up paying two mortgages, having to rent a temporary place to stay and even lower your asking price. In order to get that quick and lucrative sell that all homeseller’s dream of, set your home up for success by giving home buyers that great first impression they all want to find. According to Federic Din, a local real estate agent from Axia Real Estate Group Inc., in order for a home to sell you must present something modern, catchy and eye drawing in order to appeal to as many buyers as possible, and agrees that home staging is a very successful way to achieve this. In his over 20 year’s experience, he has seen home staging make a significant difference in the time a house is on the market and a higher overall resale price.

Although this technique became popular among larger, higher priced homes, realtors encourage homeowners everywhere to use this technique, weather it is minimal or fully done. Even if staging your entire home is out of your budget, staging a smaller area of your home can be highly beneficial if you focus on the right areas. According to Din, staging a complimentary area of your home is enough to make an impression, he suggests working on areas that naturally flow together, like living and dining room, which can quickly draw a buyer in. The first things to address before staging, are any major repairs needed to the home, no matter how well your ornate your home, if there are structural, plumbing, or electrical issues to be address, the chances of your home selling quickly are reduced. Major problems may also include: damaged floors, walls, ceilings, broken windows, pests and even stains on the finishes around your house. Staging is about making your home look its best, and going back to do minor repairs, paint, declutter and clean is what is going to give buyers a lasting impression of your home.

With help from Elizabeth Weintraub, writer for About.com and real estate expert, here are some tips to facilitate your home staging project:

Tip 1: Give Purpose! Create furniture groupings or vignettes; this will define the purpose of the space. Use soft materials like silk that are attractive to the touch. Create an attractive atmosphere by using colors and texture, but make sure everything remains cohesive and put together.

Tip 2: Go the extra mile! Display unusual knickknacks in groups of 1, 3 or 5. Adding unique elements to shelving, bookcases and fireplace mantels can also help draw attention to predetermined areas and focus points.

Tip 3: Accessorize! Include mirrors, plants, table lamps, area rugs, ottomans, pillows, accent tables and chairs. Avoid leaving areas around your house feel dull or wasted, buyers are attracted to homes that feel spacious and that have potential for use.

Tip 4: Fluff your home! Give your home all the final touches, including colorful and fun cookbooks in the kitchen, polish dull furniture, use large fruit bowls to add color and life to a room, add scented soaps, and lotions, and arrange your towels nicely.

Tip 5: Depersonalize! The most important issue, and for some the hardest, depersonalize yourself and your family from the home. As you transition into a new living space, buyers see your home as their new beginning as well, removing family portraits and personal décor can help potential buyers visualize themselves in the home better, rather than feeling like they’re in someone else’s home. Working from a neutral design point, will make your home appealing to more potential buyers.

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