Portfolio Talk

I am in serious need of a new portfolio! When I was in my final year at the Art Institute and worked on my portfolio I wanted to make it completely different from anybody elses. I made an 11in x 17in size portfolio, uniquely printed on recycled brown kraft paper, mounted on a thin wood board, an aluminum spine, and it flipped up instead of right to left like a normal book. It was indeed, unique.. and very satisfying for a long time, but now that I am trying to establish myself I’m not sure if it is holding up too well. When I was still in school it was nice to be inspired by my peers and I was able to see what they were doing, but now that I am far from that environment I am left to wonder what everyone else is doing. I wish I could ask everyone if they have changed their portfolios or if they use the same one, and even ask them if they are still using it. I have very rarely shown my portfolio, but even so, when I’ve gone to interviews I’ve felt that the interviewers didn’t really care much for it. I mean, idk what the new industry standards are, especially in this day of age, but I wonder because redesigning my portfolio is going to be a big big time and money expense. I don’t know about you, but I am still waiting for it to rain dollar bills. Now, don’t get me wrong I at all don’t look at it like a waste of my time, I would even want a nice portfolio just for my personal satisfaction, and I rather be a professional with one than without one. I guess I am just wondering what is hip right now? What are other industry portfolios like? Even what other trades are doing like fine artists, or photographers, or graphic designers, who do they present their work to an employer?


Mayor breakthrough thought just hit me right now.. what if I should put more effort into a digital presentation? Has anyone done elaborate digital presentations yet? Is there a program that everyone knows about but me? I had a CD that had my work on it, but it didn’t get anymore exciting than a slide show.. literally zero transiton effects. So what are your portfolios like? Any suggestions?


Daily Doodle / I need to build a new portfolio cover!

Daily Doodle / I need to build a new portfolio cover!


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