My First Ever Day Scramble

I decided to start a Day Scramble category, I think posts of this type are very much needed, especially for people who love to write, it is almost a requirement. For me, I’m coming up at the end of my work day and I’ve been thinking about what kind of interior designer I want to be. I truely believe that I can’t barge into someone’s home and tell them what is right for them, for me at least, I need to listen and understand my client and let them tell me what they need. Well, of coarse I must still be a professional and have my own ideas and bring my creativeness to the table, but I want to conduct this tasks in a way that is ecouraging and supportive of my clients desires, instead of pushing them towards something else, I think they call that conflict of interest. I am in a very peculiar point in my life and a pivital moment in my career. I am starting to feel like a designer, like I am ready to take on anything and for the first time ever I am confident about what I know and what I don’t know. I am eager to learn, and learn and learn as much as I can, eager for experience and opportunities, its like I can see, taste and smell success right around the corner. My current job is not the most exciting, but it gives me the resources I need to be successful.. although it feels like I am a designer living in the shadows, I know what I need to do to get out and make my own spotlight. I need to prove myself first. My job description started as a design assistant and very quickly turned into office manager, I think I do approximately 10% design.                  The keyboard gets very quiet after making that kind of realizations, but maybe its just that that keeps the fire alive inside. I want success. I want to be the type of designer that is known to change lives, the type of designer that gives its clients a new lifestyle, not just a decorated house, or someone who managed their renovation. I want to encourage happiness in a home, encourage healthy activities, healthy habits, better relationships with family members. I want the way I design to be its own style of design, like feng shui or something. lol. Well, that is all for today’s scramble, I have to scramble right outta here!


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