Designing Spaces, Building Health

There is no denying that summers in this region are mostly spent at home, and with children and young adults out of school, our homes become a little more crowded than usual. While trying to escape the heat, we commonly rely on our phones, televisions and computers for entertainment. It is a very unique lifestyle that we live in the Imperial Valley, our summer weather demotes healthy, outdoor activities, we lack more social places for families and friends, and public transportation limits these options even more. It is a considerable amount of time that we are spending in our homes every day, but what does our environment have to offer us? What kind of physical and mental stimulation does it promote? Do we love the space we live in or how does it make us feel?

During these hard economic times one may not be thinking about investing in remodeling their home, let alone, hiring a professional interior designer or contractor. There is a common misconception that this is a luxury many of us can’t afford, or why else would you hire someone to recolor your walls when you can do it yourself? Many of us are unfamiliar with the way professionals are trained to improve our quality of life and maximize our homes potential beyond aesthetic design. This may be an unfamiliar field to the residents of the Imperial Valley, but this region can particularly benefit from strategic home design, and believe it or not, this is the perfect time.

Real estate experts suggest homeowners focus on building the home of their dreams now, increasing the value of their home when the economy takes a turn, and with professionals struggling to stay in business, the cost of labor and materials has dropped significantly, and are working for bargain rates. The benefits of renovating your home now means less time and money is spent on unforeseen maintenance and repairs, and strategic planning and updating can significantly reduce your water, heating and cooling bills. Maintaining your curb appeal helps keep intruders away, encourages your neighbors, and increases your homes resell value. Keeping your home’s appearance can make you happier, your neighborhood friendlier and your community nicer.

The pleasure of living in a home that accommodates our family’s needs, hobbies and social activities has a great impact on our health, our moods and the way we interact with one another. When our home supports and stimulates our mental, physical and emotional health it reduces our stress levels, our sense of fatigue, improves our self esteem, quality of sleep, and enhances our immune systems. Living in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, our peculiar weather and small community, it is easy to forget about dedicating time to ourselves, our homes and developing our own interests and hobbies, but when we become involved in our environment, we make a shift towards a healthier and positive lifestyle. Let our homes become a place of rest and relaxation, a place far from the pressures of modern day living, that inspires us and motivates our kids to be active, and get us away from day to day sedentary routine that is only detrimental to our health. 

Whether you want to take on a large project or do-it-yourself home improvements, focus on the gratifications of the change, the example you become to your family and your community, and how your investment will pay off in the future. Not all projects require constant professional supervision, but an early professional consultation can guide your project in the right direction and advise you on foreseeable obstacles or required building permits. Investing in ourselves and our environments is a far better investment than trying to fix our health with drugs, spas and energy drinks, so give your family those designated areas for quiet reading, yoga or meditation. Transform your garage into a guest room, office, gym, or music room. Landscape and start your own garden or entertainment space, but most importantly let’s stay in touch with ourselves and our families, and build our health by designing spaces.

Yoga/Meditation Corner

My work being photographed for the newspaper!

My article printed in Imperial Valley Press - Thursday, August 14, 2014.

My article printed in Imperial Valley Press – Thursday, August 14, 2014.

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